Frequently Asked Questions


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What do I get with this website package?

You get your choice of one of 9 pre-designed template websites that we customize using our InstantEdit™ Powered by WordPress system. This system has been custom-configured for you with a variety of professional modules and plug-ins which will allow you to easily add, edit or remove features from your site.

I don’t know anything about putting a website together. Do I need any experience to get my website up and running?

No – our templates will come ready to go. All you need to do is provide us with your page content and we’ll do the rest. It comes with an easy to use website editor that allows you to add content, pages, pictures and more even after the setup has been completed. And even better, it’s all designed in mind for those with no programming experience so virtually anyone can set it up and get started. And we’re always here to help if you need any assistance or have any questions.

How will my new website look? Can I provide you with a different template design? Can I custom design on my own?

This website package uses pre-designed templates that you select from when you place your order – that’s part of what makes it so inexpensive. In fact, the website you see right now uses one of the available templates with the package. And keep in mind that you can easily customize the look of each of the templates in a variety of ways.

If you would like to use your own template layout, please contact us with the details of your template and we’ll provide you with a customized quote on installation and set up.

Are there any monthly or annual fees involved?

The only fee involved is the monthly maintenance fee, which includes your hosting as well as all of your site-related technical support. Every website must be hosted on a server to be active on the internet. Our complete website package is designed to host on our servers so that we can provide you with the best technical support when you need it, ensure your site is running reliably day after day, and provide you with access to the variety of resources that come with the site – including the site editor.

Fore more information, please visit our hosting page.

What if I need help or support with my new website?

We provide complimentary set-up support with all our web packages. If you have any questions or are experiencing technical issues with your website, you can reach us by accessing our support website at

Are there any long-term commitments or contracts required?

No – there are no long-term commitments or contracts to sign.  You only need to pay the ongoing monthly hosting and technical support fee as long as you use or have access to your website.  You can cancel services at any time however, if you cancel within the first 6 months after your website was completed, a one-time cancellation fee equal to 6 months of your hosting rate will be due.

Template/Starter Sites remain the sole property of SiteWyze. Should you cancel your template site hosting services with us, you are free to take any content (text and images) that you provided to us for use on your next website, however, all other site files remain the sole property of SiteWyze.

How does this website package compare to other template sites?

Our InstantEdit™ Powered by WordPress website package is loaded with many features not normally found with most WordPress templates. You are getting far more than just a template website. This package includes advanced photogallery options, advanced banner/slider features, a wide variety of pre-set page layout elements and styles, a modern and advanced social media plugin, a very easy to use website page editor, advanced site statistics, site search function, advanced online form builder, and much more.

In addition, we offer complete technical support and include easy-to-use step by step instructions for editing pages and content to your site whenever you want. Compare our package to others and we’re confident that you’ll find that we offer one of the best template website packages on the net today!

What changes can be made to customize the look of the website template?

Pretty much everything other than the base structural layout and styling. Our easy-to-use page editor comes complete with a page builder that offers a wide variety of pre-set page layout and element options – from columns, widgets, forms, galleries, sliders, and more.

Can I upgrade my website in the future as my business grows?

Yes! This website package is designed to easily grow with your business. There are a variety of WordPress plugins that are available online, or you can have a customized feature developed specifically for your website. Contact your sales representative with more details on what you would like to add to your site, and we’ll investigate the next steps for you!

What if I don't have a web address or domain yet?

Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose an appropriate website domain name and help you to book it with an established, reputable Domain Registrar. While domain registration fees may vary depending on which registrar you use, our source typically offers domains starting at around $15/year.


Once a year, we recommend that our template websites undergo a complete system update. This is something that is strictly in the back end of the site and includes a complete update of the internal core systems, including any WordPress updates, theme updates, plugin updates, etc.

Typically, these are scheduled over the end of each year, however can be scheduled during any down time upon request.

Keeping your website database up to date ensures running accuracy with ever-evolving web browser technology, as well as necessary security updates that protect your clients during their online processes with you.

Maintenance update processes typically can take several hours of a developer’s time (depending on site complexity), and are quoted and billed separately from your website hosting. WordPress and plugin updates are necessary to ensure that your site continues running at its peak performance levels. We will run updates automatically.

Due to the nature of WordPress websites, there are many components (including plugins) that require updates throughout the year to address unexpected technical issues that may arise (including plugin compatibility). If you encounter concerns, or if technical support to your website requires a system update, we will review those fees with you in advance.

Typical template site updates are approximately $250-375 per year (prices subject to change).


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